How Do I Use This Site?

1) Here is a quick overview of SelfDecode and an introduction video for first-time users.

2) What Is An SNP?/a>, our Chief Scientific Officer of SelfDecode.

About the speaker: Dr. Brendan Swan, PhD in Neurogenetics, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

3) Here is a Q&A Webinar With Joe

4) Here is a video of Joe using the program with a naturopath.

5) Here is an older video that I made going through some of the features.  We are constantly adding new features, so don't be surprised if you see new features that are not on the video.


Do I Need To Understand Genetics To Use SleepNomes?

You don't need to have a deep understanding of genetics to use SleepNomes, but it helps! Visit our educational resources page for videos and descriptions of common genetic terms.


Which Company's Data Does SelfDecode Support?

The following genome sequencing services are currently supported: 23andme.  But if you have your raw data from any of the genetic services, you can manually put in the information.

So, the first step would be getting your raw data file from your genetic sequencing services. Here is a video on how to use your raw data.


Where Does The Information Come From?

All of the information comes from pubmed, science journals and research white papers.


How Should You Do With The Information Presented?

You should never take any drastic action or an action that has significant side effects based on your genetics.  Currently, the best way to use your genes is to motivate you to take a healthy action that you should already be taking.

If you see something that may alarm you, make sure to speak with your doctor to understand what these results mean.

The FDA says that it has the ability to regulate genomic interpretation (whether we like it or not) because people sometimes take drastic action based on genetic results.

You shouldn't make any changes in medical behavior based on your genes without discussing with your doctor.

However, if you see something in your genetics that will motivate you to take a healthy action, then that's always a good thing.


How Do I Receive My Information?

Every report has a download button here, which allows you to download the report.


Is The Interpretation Guaranteed?

Any interpretation or information presented is simply a probability.


How Reliable Is The SleepNome Report?

The SNP analyzer is a way to aggregate information, often from contradicting SNPs. You shouldn't use the information as factual, but rather as something to look more into.

Often, there will be SNPs that contradict each other in the SNP analyzer. This is because people are made up of millions of SNPs that often do contradictory functions and it's the totality of these functions that decide what your biology is like.

The SNP analyzer aims to integrate information from a certain function to come up with a clearer picture.  You should rely on it as a rough estimation of what you're like.

There can be mistakes here and there, but we reference all of our material, which you can check.  ~99% of the time, it's correct.


Does SelepNomes Do Genetic Testing?

SleepNomes only does the genetic analysis.  People upload their data from 23andme input their raw data into theSleepNomes software.


How Safe Is My Information?

The protection of personal data on the internet has been a hot topic, especially when it comes to genetics. (we're not any different from you. It should always be a concern when you give a company any access to your personal information!)

The cool thing is that because it concerns us, we take every measure to protect ALL information.

In fact, the EU is requiring all businesses, regardless of industry, to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and become compliant by May 25th.

We aren't in the EU but we are in the US and are adhering to EU standards to protect information.

What does this mean?
Any company that holds and processes personal information - including names, addresses, cookie information, etc. - of clients, employees, or suppliers residing in the EU, you are legally obligated to protect that information. That includes names, addresses, cookie data, or anything that can be hacked.

We do not keep or store your genetic information!!! Ever. We do privately retain your name and email when you fill out our form. But again, this is kept in proven, private 3rd party software that specializes in the protection of personal information. We will never share or sell your personal information. We treat you EXACTLY how we want and expect to be treated.



SleepNomes does not attempt to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.  We are simply an interface in which you can more easily see what the science is saying about your genetics.

Nothing that we have on the site is FDA approved.